Digital Asset Lending For Institutional Investors


Yield Endurance increases institutional participation in cryptocurrency markets with a digital asset lending program designed to improve liquidity and enhance risk management 

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A More Efficient, Diversified, and Managed Risk Option for Institutional Investors With Cryptocurrency Assets


Enables both long and short positions in cryptocurrency markets


Gives funds the ability to profit when cryptocurrency decreases in value

Manage Risk

Allows funds to reduce downside risk when trading cryptocurrencies

Yield Endurance Addresses a Significant Problem in Cryptocurrency Investing

Today, investing in cryptocurrency is volatile, inefficient, and unstable.

An investor’s ability to manage consistent returns is challenging, and many institutional investors have not yet begun to invest in the space as they have with other asset classes.

Yield Endurance provides a platform that will increase institutional participation and give “hodlers” a way to produce yield from their crypto assets. 

Our partnership with an experienced lender alleviates lack of technology and crypto trading expertise.

A Trusted Partner In Cryptocurrency

Our lending program and partnership provides a diversified system for institutional investors who are looking for managed exposure and fixed income returns in the cryptocurrency industry.

Similar to a Stock Loan Business

The stock loan market is a critical component of a strong economy, enabling trading activities like short selling and hedging while also ensuring that financial systems operate efficiently.

Stock lending involves the temporary transfer of a stock from one investor to another, typically from large institutional investors who hold large amounts of publicly-traded securities (pension funds, mutual funds, university endowments, etc.) to entities who want to sell stock short.

It is a common practice that helps both the borrowers and lenders of stock generate additional income in their portfolios.

In 2017, according to finance market data provider, DataLend, the stock loan market grew to over $2 trillion, with lendable value or the value of securities made available for borrowing being over $16 trillion. 

How It Works

Through our lending program and partnership, Yield Endurance gives institutional investors a way to earn yield on their cryptocurrency assets including Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, and Litecoin.

Those cryptocurrency assets are then made available to Yield Endurance's strategic trading partner who makes those assets available to their clients to borrow, hedge, and arbitrage their trading risk.

Institutional investors will have the ability to better manage cryptocurrency risk and increase yield to maximize return on investment for their funds.

About Yield Endurance

Yield Endurance is focused on increasing liquidity and institutional participation in the cryptocurrency markets by providing institutional investors the ability to borrow, hedge, and arbitrage cryptocurrencies that trade on the various cryptocurrency exchanges including Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum and Litecoin. 

In doing so, Yield Endurance is facilitating the ability for institutional investors to participate in the fixed income opportunity of cryptocurrency lending.

Through our cryptocurrency lending program operated by our partner, institutional investors will have the ability to better manage cryptocurrency risk and increase yield to maximize return on investment for their funds.

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